For content creators

Personal Brand Growth. Creative Freedom. Monetization Opportunities.

Centralize your brand management

Effortless efficient management for all your brand partners.
New way to handle your inventory problem

Seamlessly invite and show your proven records with new brands

Integrate your CrowdCore invite link into your bio or working emails

This enables partner brands to effortlessly automate the upload of content creation fee, product details, commission rates, and collaboration terms.

Review & accept collaboration requests

Offer requests including product lists, commissions, and content creation fee. You can determine whether to accept.

Manage connected brands

Upon acceptance, you can find the brand in “My Connections”. Easily select products from the brand’s inventory, request samples and incorporate these items into your vibe-box for sale.

faster decision making
more brand requests
Sell products for different segments.
influencer-driven brand reviews

Send proposals to potential brands

Leverage your creativity and pricing

Allow multiple brands share your content cost for one post can unlock 10 times more brand opportunities.

Always send content idea before you post on social media

Brands will love your transparency and high efficient communication.

Convert affiliate links into your boutique store products

Streamline your workflows

Manage proposals and offers

You can simply check the offers sent from brands and proposals you received or sent to brands.

Request for samples

When accept certain offer, the system will auto generate a sample request to the brand.

Request for ratings

When finish certain offer, the system will auto generate a rating request to the brand.

Never get ghosted on offers

CrowdCore guarantees you get paid

Upon acceptance of one offer, the brand will deposit the content creation fee into your CrowdCore account, once you finish the content, you will get paid automatically.

Elevate your influencer career and expand your brand opportunities with CrowdCore!

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