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Invite Influencers Made Easy

Optimize brand-influencer partnerships with CrowdCore's streamlined processes and professional invitations. Boost exposure and drive impactful collaborations through automated recommendations, creative pitches, and cost-effective projects.
Invite Influencers Made Easy

Exchange for more influencers

We will calculate your influencers worth so you will be able to exchange your influencers with other brands. Both of you will get new influencer connections

We notify influencers for your brand opportunities.

Avoid competing with other brands in the email inbox of influencers.

Custom influencer filter

CrowdCore allows brands to tailor their requirements, including follower count, track record in promotions, and reviews from other brands for efficient selection.

Leverage ratings

Boost your rating of your brand, so you can get more influencers

Automated recommendations for more influencers

Empower your manual invitations

One link does all

CrowdCore will use your existing profile and inventory settings to build a dedicated profile and showcase your offer to the influencers so they can register and accept smoothly.

Creative project pitches to minimal budget

Instead of standard pitches, propose unique content collaboration projects that allow influencers to unleash their creativity by creating distinctive vibe-boxes is more appealing.

Use our AI tool to avoid scams

When inviting an influencer for collaboration, you can use AI to scan the profile of the influencer so that you can decide if you should ship samples or provide content fee.

Empower your manually invitations

Unique offer system that reduces brand's risks

CrowdCore guarantees the work

When you send content creation fee to influencers, deposit in crowdcore link, we will make sure influencers only get paid once they finish the work.

Flexible offers

Each offer link is unique and single use, so you can send offer with combinations of commissions and content fees or just one of each.

Transfer trust and credit among products.

Start selling with CrowdCore today.

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