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Save more and make more from influencer group buying

Leveraging our Influencer Group Buying feature, brands can collaborate together to share the costs of influencer campaigns.
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Start a group buying or join an existing campaign with any creator

With a 200 million creator database for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, brands can join public group buying campaigns created by influencers or start their own group buying campaigns with influencers and wait for other brands to join.

Propoasls and offers
Propoasls and offers

Creators pick the brands they want to work with

When a brand joins or starts a campaign, they send an offer to the creator. The creator then reviews the participating brands and can choose to send a counteroffer, accept the offer, or reject it based on their preferences.

You do not pay anything until the group campaign is successfully completed.

You can easily find more creators to start or join campaigns.

You can counter any public pricing with your own offer.

If you see a campaign that you like, you can join it and send a counter offer to the creator.

Change your mind is ok

If the creator accept your offer, you have 24 hours to confirm and pay the campaign.

Maximum sales by leveraging creator native ads

Cross-brand content is popular in the influencer world, giving the audience the impression that the creator is curating products specifically for them. This approach feels more like genuine content rather than traditional ads, which can lead to higher engagement and more sales.

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Start group buying campign for 200m creators today. Maximum ROI from now on.

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