Pricing for brands

Built for influencer driven e-commerce brands

Invited by influencers


You get all tools from uploading inventory to collaborating with your influencers

  • Inventory management
  • Influencers CRM
  • Automated content offer & product commission payments
  • Commission management
  • Orders management
  • Data analysis
0% transation fee for all salesIf you do not have invitations, you could ask influencers you have work with to register CrowdCore and invite you.
Most popular

Growing brands

$30/one time training
You must work with at least 10 influencers or be activly looking for influencers every month.

Crowdcore team will hold your hands to build the brand

  • Everything in Free
  • Teach you how to use CrowdCore
  • Exchange your existing influencers with new influencers from CrowdCore for free
0% transation fee for all sales

Established Brand


Leverage boutique stores, influencers, to build your community

  • Everything in Team
  • Account manager support
  • AI solutions
  • Embeded CrowdCore content into brand websites
  • Participate into CrowdCore feature roadmap

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