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Open your online boutique easily, make every post shoppable

The CrowdCore Boutique Store is centered around content creators as brand entities, emphasizing a curated selection of multi-brand products under the organic influence of content creators, with a focus on specific topics. This setup offers a personalized shopping experience that aligns with the lifestyles and trends promoted by your favorite content creators.
Open your boutique easily, no supply chain hassle

Key Features of the CrowdCore Boutique Store

Pricing authority for content creators

Content creators have pricing autonomy over their curated boxes, enabling flexible collaborations with different brands.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Automatically receive earnings from CrowdCore, eliminating the need to wait for manual payments from brands. Gain access to your personalized dashboard for comprehensive data visibility, eliminating the black-box effect.

No Inventory Management

Collaborate with brands without the need for inventory handling. You only need to establish partnerships with collaborative brands.

commission revenue increased
Key features

Distinguishing factors from other e-commerce solutions

Dropshipping with trusted partners

CrowdCore eliminates the need for self-purchasing or relying on potentially unreliable dropshipping websites.

Contrast with Shopify way of selling

Unlike platforms like Shopify, Amazon that primarily sell individual products, CrowdCore emphasizes the sale of curated boxes, unlocking additional benefits.

Authorization assistance

CrowdCore aids in confirming the legal nature of product endorsements, ensuring compliance with authorized brand representation.

Boutique store focus

Boutique store model helps content creators become the center of the stage of e-commerce.

Sell products with creative box ideas

Explore our one-stop shopping experience with curated product combinations and elevate your influencer marketing efficiency with CrowdCore!

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