Make your Event Visible From Around the World

Whether your event is DIY or a professional production, Happin is a platform capable of allowing artists to go live from their living room or center stage at any venue.

Expect Top Audio and Visual Quality

Hosting a livestream from Happin ensures that your fans can feel like they’re there from anywhere. Stream content in high-definition video at up to 1080p 60fps, when viewing on both mobile and desktop.

Your audio will be streamed to attendees at 48khz full-sound bandwidth, providing the most natural audio reproduction. At up to 192kbps, Happin is able to reproduce the original audio source in high fidelity to anyone tuning in to your livestream.

Happin’s system is optimized to support up to 40 million viewers. Our servers were set up with global networking in mind, ensuring that viewers on weak networks are still able to receive a smooth livestream experience.

Make Your Livestream Interactive and Engaging

Fans can do more than just watch a show, they can engage and be a part of the experience.

Gamify your livestream event with features, such as Live Chat and Virtual Gifting.

Grow your fan base by creating unique opportunties to connect and share that couldn’t be possible at a live venue using VIP Fan Meeting, and Audio Livestream functionality.

Modern Solutions to Livestreaming

Have replay streams ready within 48 hours of your show and continue to see revenue from your event through restream tickets.

Implement geo-limitations to localize your event to help with ticket pricing and ensure that you maintain your budget.