Use the right tools and cater to the needs of your next festival.

Take your festival to the next level with Happin’s team management features and event optimization tools.

“I received great customer service from the specialists who helped me. I would recommend to anyone who wants great dashboard that has great quality”

Harold Tyler
Product Designer

Optimize Your Event Based On Location, Capacity, and Target Audience

Happin will offer guidance and support, working to ensure your goals are met as you develop your ideal festival. Happin’s built-in features guarantee event flexibility depending on your needs. With the right assets and planning, we can help you execute your vision.

Offer bundles and packages that appeal to your core audience. Group ticketing, merch, and VIP experiences are some examples of ways you can upsell tickets to your festival.

Utilize key features to simplify your conference

Ensure everyone plays a part in bringing your festival to life. Add roles to your festival for simple delegations across your event. Cohesively brand, promote, and sell tickets with your team through your event’s back-end dashboard.

For hands on support upgrade your account to Enterprise for 24/7 support with a designated Happin Client Support representative to guarentee your event runs smoothly. We can help you maximize your ROI for your festival through Happin’s flexibile features and personal touch.