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Discover unique shopping experiences: Sell via vibe collections

Influencers curate & sell, each storefront a story, each box a journey
Sell products via vibe collections store

Each box represents a story or a theme

Influencers have the opportunity to curate and sell products from multiple brands through their personalized vibe collections. Let your followers resonate with your unique curation.

Sell products via vibe collections

Explore vibe collections

Personal Stories and Insights Packaged

The box is not just a container; it holds personal stories and profound insights.

All-in-One Shopping Experience:

By curating themed product combinations, we offer customers a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

Influencer-Curated Collections:

Our influencers creating themed boxes that provide customers with the opportunity to purchase a complete set for a cohesive and unique experience.

Creative Sales Methods:

Embrace the most popular sales methods, including mystery box, bundle look, and the opportunity for your followers to receive exclusive giveaway gifts or participate in exciting lotteries.

Sell products with creative box ideas

Why choose vibe collections

Influencer Elegance

Elevate influencers with handpicked boxes, resonating seamlessly with their followers and fostering a regal connection.

Creative Distinction

Stand out by providing surprise and flexibility through uniquely curated selections.

Influencer-Centric Retail

Effortlessly enhance fan engagement with boxes that embody influencer’s personas, distinctly owned by the influencers rather than blending into conventional brand stores.

Why choose vibe collections

Vibe collections examples

Bundle Look

Unbox to receive a guaranteed set of all items.

Mystery Box Series

Unbox to receive a randomly selected item from a set, such as various prints of a T-shirt.

Gift Lottery

Unbox to claim the featured items along with an additional item from the gift category.

Sell products with creative box ideas

Differentiate yourself as an influencer on CrowdCore. Create exclusive limited-edition collections and engage with your audience on a deeper level!

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