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Discover unique shopping experiences: Sell via vibe collections

Content creators curate & sell, each storefront a story, each collection a journey
Sell products via vibe collections store

Each collection represents a story or a theme

Content creators have the opportunity to curate and sell products from multiple brands through their personalized vibe collections. Let your followers resonate with your unique curation.

Sell products via vibe collections
Why choose vibe collections

Why choose vibe collections

Content creator elegance

Elevate content creators with handpicked collections, resonating seamlessly with their followers and fostering a regal connection.

Creative Distinction

Stand out by providing surprise and flexibility through uniquely curated selections.

Influencer-centric retail

Effortlessly enhance fan engagement with boxes that embody content creators personas, distinctly owned by the content creators rather than blending into conventional brand stores.

Sell products with creative box ideas

Enhanced Influencer Opportunities

Influencers gain access to multiple brand partnerships in a single transaction, increasing their earning potential and brand associations without additional workload.

Streamline your affiliate link workflows

Easily import and integrate your affiliate links onto Crowdcore

By simply inputting your affiliate links, our platform seamlessly converts them into your boutique products that enable one-click ordering so customers will not be redirected to mutltiple sites to shop.

Convert affiliate links into your boutique store products

Explore our collections

Sell products via vibe collections

Discovery Crate

Combine best-sellers and emerging products to encourage consumer discovery

Sell products via vibe collections

Accessory Sync

Enhance existing affiliate products with matching accessories from other brands

Sell products via vibe collections

Surprise Twist

Add a playful touch to your boxes with randomization and surprises

Differentiate yourself as a content creator on CrowdCore. Create exclusive limited-edition collections and engage with your audience on a deeper level!

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