Make it easy to fill your seats before the show begins.

Plan, track, and do

“I received great customer service from the specialists who helped me. I would recommend to anyone who wants great dashboard that has great quality”

Harold Tyler
Product Designer

Integrated seating maps

Find creative solutions to capacity limitations with creative seating arrangements and reserved seating. Event organizer’s have the ability to integrate seating maps available online for popular venues and the freedom to create new ones.

Side Stage, Aisles, Pods, Skyboxes. Give your fans options. Let attendees pick seats from a venue map with ease. Sell in person or livestream tickets with opportunities for upselling fans merchandise, bundles, and access to premium features throughout the checkout process.

Keep it simple and accessible

Request support from our experienced team to ensure your event layout is condusive to your event space limit.

Happin’s ticketing team will build out your seating map for your venue. We allow easy to use management for holds, orders, ticket comps, and inventory analysis from your seating map. Let us help you maximize your attendance capacity to increase your ROI per event.