Bring people together, one ticket at a time

Whether your event is DIY or a professional production, Happin is a platform capable of allowing artists to go live from their living room or center stage at any venue.

Setup in Minutes and Start Making Sales

Address all of your ticketing needs in one place. Generate your ticket types, assign your pricing, define your inventory, and start selling.

Host both Livestream and In-Person ticketing in the same checkout.

Capture their Attention with Exclusive Ticketing Offers

Early-bird tickets and limited-time ticket bundles are an excellent way to increase sales and create buzz.

Sales caps and timed releases will help you sell seats fast.

Bundling merchandise and VIP exclusives with your tickets will help boost your sales before your event goes live.

Physical and Digital Box Office Support

Happin team can get you set up with scanners, in-person support, and the essentials at your event.

Fans have the freedom to choose their ticket type and our system is flexible enough to allow them to appear in-person or tune in digitally from their device using Happin’s built-in livestream platform.