Present the conference you’ve always wanted to attend.

Use Happin’s Hybrid Ticketing solution to expand the reach of your conference to attendees around the world.

Stream from third-party platforms, sell tickets, and host your event in one place

Happin enables you to host a Hybrid Conference so you can bring your online and offline audiences together. Our platform’s hosting capabilities allow you to incorporate any video call application within your livestream. With just a Stream Key and a Push URL, stream conversations with guest speakers, roundtable discussions, and important discourse happening live at your event to your virtual audience on Happin.

Utilize Happin’s Team Management Tools To Get Everyone Involved

Live Chat and Polling features enable hosts to interact with and collect data from the audience
Our Audio Events can be used for breakout rooms, post-conference discussions, and to enable networking opportunities.
VIP Meet & Greet functionality enables you to create one-on-one interaction between ticket holders and hosts, sponsors, or key speakers. Create opportunities for attendees that are memorable and impactful.
Leverage Happin’s toolset to broaden what your conference has to offer, allowing you to build and strengthen your community.